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A Little About Us

If you are offered to become a President of a small ISLAND in which your friends & family members are not allowed what would you choose (President Ship or your Family)? If you choose family and friends then you are on the right website.

Biggest achievement becomes useless if you don't have friends or family next to you.

Having your own car in early 20’s is much valuable than having a luxury car in your 40’s, because by that time your interest and preferences change. Have you ever imagined how your neighbor in 70’s would look like if he is driving his car with LOUD music? Funny, right, but don’t worry he will never do that.

We have designed this website so that you can enjoy the right moment at right time, as we know that time is precious and once gone will never come back.

This is a special networking website that helps earn and share. On this you can not only share your personal moments but also get to earn free gifts.

How many friends do you have in your social network 200 or 1000? Think if everyone gifts you 5 reward points on your birthday and you get a nice TSHIRT or Leather Wallet against those points. Does it surprise you? “Such priceless small gifts contributed by everyone”.


: We have built a social networking website in which you will earn rewards points on every activity you do and same rewards can be redeemed against gift vouchers, accessories, clothing etc.
How will we make money?
Yeah, we do need money to pay our developers and manage our infrastructure. We will earn money with ads we receive from different companies and the products they sell through our website.

There are two types of products available: Promotional products which can be earned with your rewards points and secondly rewards + Pay in which companies will earn profit if they sell online.

SO DON’T wait

join now and invite your friends. Remember there is always a first time so don’t miss to try once.


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Our Services



  • Places
  • Old & new friends
  • Jobs
  • Companies
  • Hobby Ideas


  • Create Social Network
  • Play Games
  • Like & Share
  • Post Photos
  • Blog

Sell & Shop

  • Earn Rewards
  • Shop
  • Offers
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift Others


Website Development

  • Elgg Framework
  • Bootstrap Development
  • Social Networking
  • Plugin Customization
  • Bootstrap using ELgg


  • Place free Ads on earn points
  • Create your free business page
  • Place Jobs
  • Build links to your site
  • Post Blogs on new products

Building Audience

  • Post Contest
  • Poll
  • Know your Customer feedback
  • Sell your Products

Latest Events

  • December, 2013

    We started our journey on 11-12-13 the odd day on which we registered our domain and we got our name

  • January, 2014

    We launched our beta version of the website

  • June, 2014

    we revamped our sleves with new features like point redemption, business pages, polls

  • August, 2014

    Google verified us as first 10,000 unique page viewed by advertizers

    4th August: 2500 new users visited us in a day